God never delivers the storm without delivering the ability to weather it.

Just because you’ll miss something doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be better off without it.

Your ability to be attractive comes from your spirit.

You get more points toward the blessing when your grateful when it’s difficult to be.

What if God needed you to be the best version of you possible right now? Could you deliever?

Greed will have you thinking commas in your bank mean something they don’t.

Real worth comes from the heart, the soul, the mind, and your intentions.

Go without making progress financially but never go to long without making progress with your heart.

We spend lifetime’s wondering if we’re going to get where we are going, just to realize we been there the whole damn time.

Never understood my purpose so i turned to the lord and just walked with faith and it found me.

Me and my brother spent most our lives living out of our book bags. Will forever be humble and grateful.

Positivity and belief are one hell of a place to start if you’re looking to win!